What is D.I.P.?


To address the growing epidemic of diabetes in the community through outreach programs that create awareness, provide education and offer financial assistance to people that are living with diabetes or have pre-diabetes.


A monthly screening program targeted at the high-risk population of the community will identify diabetics or pre-diabetics. It will help people know their status and the appropriate steps to take to manage their disease.


People that are diabetic or newly diagnosed to be diabetic will be educated on how to manage the disease in a healthy and cost-effective way. They will be given literature on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as information on how to get periodic counseling and support. Those found to be pre-diabetic will be encouraged to change their lifestyle habits.

Financial Incentive

Tykess Pharmaceuticals will help diabetics alleviate the cost of managing their diabetes by reducing or eliminating the cost of the required daily blood glucose testing. Tykess Pharmaceuticals will reimburse the co-pay or deductible for people that use our BGMS (Blood Glucose Monitoring System) thereby eliminating the cost of their test strips. People without insurance will be given discount vouchers to reduce the cost towards the payment for their test strips.

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