Product Training


You will need:

(A)  Meter      (B)   Test Strip    (C)   Lancing Device      (D)   Lancet

  1. Insert the test strip to turn on the meter
  • Wait for the meter to display the test strip icon and the drop of blood icon.
  1. Select the appropriate measuring mode by pressing “M”.
  • For selecting the measurement mode, please refer to the “FOUR MEASURING MODES” in the Owner’s Manual.
  1. Obtaining a blood sample
  • Use the pre-set lancing device to puncture the desired site.
  • Wipe off the first appeared drop of blood with a clean cotton swab.
  • The size of the drop should be at least as big as 7 microliter (μL) of volume.
  • Gently squeeze the punctured area to obtain another drop of blood.
  • Be careful NOT to smear the blood sample.
  1. Apply the sample
  • Gently apply the drop of blood to the absorbent hole of the test strip at a titled angle.
  • Confirmation window should be completely filled if enough blood sample has been applied.
  • Do NOT remove your finger until you hear a beep sound.


  • Do not press the punctured site against the test strip or try to smear the blood.
  • If you do not apply a blood sample to the test strip within 3 minutes, the meter will

  automatically turn off. You must remove and reinsert the test strip to start a new test.

  • The confirmation window should be filled with blood before the meter begins to count


  • NEVER try to add more blood to the test strip after the drop of blood has moved away.

  Discard the used test strip and retest with a new one.

  • If you have trouble filling the confirmation window, please contact your health care

  professional or the local customer service for assistance.

  1. Read your result
  • The result of your blood glucose test will appear after the meter counts down to 0.
  • The blood glucose result will be stored in the memory automatically. (5.6 mmol/L)
  1. Eject the used test strip
  • Remove the test strip by hand, throw the strip into a disposal container.
  • The meter will turn itself off automatically after the test strip is removed.
  • Always follow the instructions in the lancing device insert when removing the lancet.


The used lancet and test strip may be biohazardous. Please discard them carefully according to your local regulations.

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